Trail Riding in the Great state of Kansas

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Near PhotoLocation NameTrail MilesTrail RatingCamp RatingNum SitesHorse Facilities
Overbrook Blackhawk Horse Camp LLC 30 Not Rated Not Rated 23 
Lawrence Clinton Lake-Rockhaven Park 80 50 
Junction City Eagle Ridge Campground, Milford Lake 18 15 
Medicine Lodge Gyp Hills Trail Ride 10 Not Rated Not Rated 100Water, Stall
Hillsdale Hillsdale Lake - Saddle Ridge Campground 35 8Tie-Up, Water
Hillsdale Hillsdale, Ks - S&S Stables 50 20Stall,water & stream
Salina Kanopolis State Park -25 20 
Salina Kanopolis State Park - Rockin'K Campground 25 40Corrals, tie-up, water, stream
Sun City Mulberry Creek Ranch 50 20 
Topeka Perry State Park 25 15 
Topeka Perry State Park Wild Horse Trails 40 Not Rated Not Rated 16Day, Stall, Tie-up, Water
Topeka Pomona Lake, KS- Blackhawk Horse Camp LLC 30 10Stall, Water, Tie ups, Streams
Randolph R andolph State Park 15 Not Rated Not Rated 50 
Lawrence Rockhaven Park 60 30 
Sedan, KS The Three Barns 30 Not Rated Not Rated 9Stall, Water, Stream
Perry Thompsonville Equistrain Trail 12 Not Rated Not Rated 0 
Sedan Three Barns 20 Not Rated Not Rated 6Stall, Water, Stream
Melvern West Point Campground, Eisenhower State Park 17 15 





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